미래지향적 기술력으로 앞서나가는 영진냉동(주)

Good luck and blessings. From now on, you will be rich
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Kangwon Land, which opened in a small size on October 28, 2000, has created a new success story by dispelling concerns around it.

However, with the gambling addiction problem overlapping with the handicap of the gambling industry,

strengthening regulations and "exclusive boomerang" lead to service degradation and even external challenges are truly beleaguered.

As the catastrophic "COVID pandemic" has continued for more than two years, Kangwon Land has gone through a

"March of Suffering," but as the stock price that has plunged proves, the market is turning a blind eye to Kangwon Land.

Moreover, ahead of the opening of the Japanese and Thai complex casinos as well as the Philippine,

Vietnamese, and Cambodian casinos, which are continuing to develop rapidly, the "warning light of the fall" is being turned on at Kangwon Land.

Despite the situation, regulatory innovation to improve the game environment is in place, so

VIPs and excellent customers, disappointed by Kangwon Land, turned to online, private casinos and away gambling.

In the face of the worst crisis like this, Pressian examines how to diagnose Gangwon Land's stained past and grim present and find new opportunities twice.

1. Irritation, discomfort, 22 years of trial and error…Parachute personnel, strengthening regulations, and regression of services → Total difficulty

"Kangwon Land goes around with a dealer."

A person who worked in the casino industry for nearly 40 years criticizes Kangwon Land like this.
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