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The "customized residential environment improvement BF house specialization project" promoted by the
Gangwon Land Social Contribution Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the foundation)
held a moving-in ceremony in Yongtan-ri, Jeongseon, after three months of home repair work on the 22nd.
Yang Hyun-mo, head of ESG win-win cooperation at Kangwon Land, Kim Joon-gul, secretary-general
of the foundation, Lee Kwang-jae, executive director of the "Warm Companion of Social Welfare
Corporation," and Jeongseon County Office officials attended the event to celebrate their entry.
Earlier in February, the foundation conducted a recruitment announcement for a "customized housing
stability improvement specialization project," selecting four households in abandoned mine areas as
eligible for support and executing a budget of 180 million won. Since May, the company has collaborated
with the "Warm Companion of Social Welfare Corporation" to carry out remodeling for each household that
comprehensively considers disability types and behavior patterns. There are two households with disabilities
that have benefited from the improvement of the residential environment: Jeongseon and Samcheok.
Through remodeling, the foundation improved the residential environment of disabled households by
creating a windproof room for home rehabilitation, comprehensive construction of old houses considering
mobility safety, and installing automatic doors for households living in wheelchairs.
Kim Joon-geol, secretary-general of the foundation, said, "Due to high satisfaction of residents,
we have expanded the scope of support to 4 households this year, following 2 households
last year," and added, "This special project will expand the scope of activities of the disabled in the
home and enable safe independence."
Meanwhile, the Gangwon Land Social Contribution Foundation has provided 9.5 billion won to a total of
3297 households through the Housing Environment Improvement Project for the vulnerable since 2004. Yuju County
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