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Gambling games using playing cards are popular
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Critics point out that policy inquiries calling for strengthening competitiveness and improving
customer service in the National Assembly's audit of Kangwon Land, a "resort public company,"
are disappearing and turning into a parliamentary audit that reveals disciplinary data for executives and employees.

According to the National Assembly on the 10th, a
comprehensive audit of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and
the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is scheduled to be conducted on the 26th, following the Ministry of Industry on the 24th.

Gangwon Land, which was established in June 1998 to revitalize the economy
and create jobs in abandoned mine areas, is increasingly tightening various
regulations due to its exclusive status as the only Korean and its characteristics as a speculative industry.

As a result, it has long lost competitiveness with Southeast Asian casinos such as Macau,
the Philippines, and Malaysia, and experts predict that Japan will be on the verge
of closing down its casinos overnight when it opens in 2029.

In particular, Gangwon Land, which is tied to its exclusive status and strict regulations,
is facing illegal gambling, such as online gambling, which is "customer friendly,"
under the criticism that "customer is king" instead
of expressing that "customer is king" due to the disappearance of customer service.

The number of illegal gambling, which was less than 10 trillion won when the "Integrated
Oversight Committee for the Private Industry" was created in the Prime Minister's
Office in 2005 due to the "Sea Story" scandal, has grown explosively to 200 trillion won in 2020.

On the other hand, the legal enforcement industry is shrinking to the extent that it
is reduced to less than 20 trillion won due to overregulation such as the total sales system of the
commission and the COVID-19 pandemic, but illegal gambling
such as online and away gambling is expanding every year due to the balloon effect,

For this reason, policy inquiries to legalize Southeast Asian casinos and customers who prefer illegal
online gambling are missing in the parliamentary audit, and
lawmakers' press releases are full of disciplinary materials for executives and employees.
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