미래지향적 기술력으로 앞서나가는 영진냉동(주)

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Recently, a pig's feet restaurant in Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si, has been flooded with Chinese tourists.
Foreigners around the restaurant were busy finding directions while keeping an eye on maps on their smartphones.
A tourist who led a suitcase (carrier) appeared at a nearby bus stop. They were Chinese
who wanted to go back to their accommodation after eating. The boarding procession lasted until late at night.프리카지노
Recently, the number of Chinese wearing hanbok has increased
significantly in Jeju Mokgwana, located in the original downtown
of Jeju City. The hanbok rental store, located right next to Gwandeokjeong Pavilion, is also stretching.
Foreigners dressed up in beautiful hanbok focused on taking
photos against the backdrop of scenery such as Yeonhuigak Pavilion
and Mangyeongru Pavilion, the halls of Jeju Mokgwana.
China, Japan, and Singapore also had diverse nationalities.
Foreigners made memories by taking pictures with the background
of eaves, ponds, sea pine, and citrus trees as well as government buildings.
Recently, foreign photography experts have also appeared.
According to Jeju City, the number of visitors to Jeju Mokgwana
in the first half of this year was 51,150, nearly doubling from 28,498
last year. Among them, 11,012 foreigners accounted for 21%.
As Korean culture such as so-called K-pop, K-drama, and K-food is gaining
popularity among young people abroad, Jeju tourism and consumption trends
are also changing, centering on the Chinese MZ generation.
In the past, middle-class group tourists "Youker," duty-free shop proxy purchasing
merchants "Daigung," and foreign casino tourists, called big hands, mainly
made up of them, but now generational changes have taken place with individual tours.
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