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The Gangwon Land Social Contribution Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) in Jeongseon-gun,
Gangwon-do, announced on the 18th that the Seongseong Restaurant, the 25th store of Jeong, Tae,
Young, and Sammak Cada, a small business support project in abandoned mine, was reopened in
Namyang-dong, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do.
About 20 business officials, including the foundation's secretary-general, Gangwon Land's
cooking team leader and social contribution team leader, Samcheok City Health Center, and the
Samcheok branch of the Korea Food Service Association, attended the reopening ceremony to
cheer for the new owner.
"Jung, Tae, Young, and Sam Taste Cada" is a project by the foundation to support small business
owners suffering from financial difficulties in four cities and counties in the abandoned mine area in southern
Gangwon Province, while its 25th store, "Futo Restaurant" in Samcheok, was selected as a target
company in April and supported by the foundation throughout restaurant operations, including problem
diagnosis, facility improvement, and store owner hygiene education.
In addition, recipe education such as meat pancakes, potato pancakes, and seafood and kimchi pancakes,
which are the main menus of the restaurant, was also provided by Hong Pil-soon, deputy head of
Gangwon Land's cooking team.
Lee In-sook, the store owner, said, "To overcome the difficult situation, we closed the
restaurant and remodeled it at our own expense, but it was not easy," adding, "We will try to overcome the
sluggish business and become the No. 1 restaurant in the region through the support of Kangwon Land."
Meanwhile, the 'Jeong, Tae, Young, and Sammaekda!' project has supported 24 restaurants so far,
contributing to revitalizing the local economy and strengthening the self-sustainability of small business
owners by creating accumulated sales of about 5.1 billion won and 15 additional jobs as of last year.
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